Network outages, security threats, business continuity impact— these are just handful the information technology challenges that businesses face on daily basis. But for small, medium-sized enterprises,
maintaining in-house IT staff to tackle these issues is
rarely a cost-effective solution.

Managed service providers represent the ideal
alternative.Thanks to economies of scale, predictable
pricing, reduced capital outlay, MSPs can provide
compelling savings over in-house approaches.

What’s more, leading MSPs offer the benefits best-of-
breed technology, specialist expertise — often delivering service quality that would be impossible SME achieve alone. This is where NXT Packet comes in.

Our company provides a single point of contact for all your IT service needs, so you never have to worry about Information Technology problems again.

We offer diffferent packages that may include:

  • Managed Cloud Backup Storage
  • Managed Workstation/PC
  • Managed End-point Security
  • Managed Internet/MPLS Service